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Hugh Allan Book Bundle
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Author Bio

Hugh Allan is a retired scientist. He and his family have travelled extensively around Australia and the world. Hugh is an active member of the Australian Bush Poets Association, the Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland and the Australian Association of Authors. His first novel, High Latitude for Dying was published in July 2020 by Shawline Publishing Group. Hugh has had over forty poems and articles published in various magazines in Australia.

Hugh Allan Book Bundle

By Hugh Allan

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This bundle contains Hugh Allan's most recent books: High Latitude for Dying and Expectations

About High Latitude for Dying


Tanya learns that the Russian has teamed up with Chechen terrorists led by a renegade Argentine Naval officer, who has a growing contempt for the British reign. Their Mission - to find a vessel loaded with munitions that had been hijacked by Argentine renegades during the Falklands War; and then the ship and the renegades who stole it vanished somewhere near the Antarctic Peninsula with no trace or clue. To find the munitions is the priority for the terrorists and nothing will stop them from delivering their justice onto the global political powers.

Aided by her brother, sister-in-law and an Australian Antarctic expert, Tanya pursues the Russian criminal half way around the world to face her attacker at the Antarctic Peninsula. Her small band of supporters follow the terrorists' trail, unaware of the potential threat looming over the world; one of absolute destruction if the terrorists succeed in their cause.

Her personal mission is vengeance on the Russian but what she may actually find is an unplanned, and unexpected, chance to save the world. But her small team may be no match for the Russian and his new allies, who are hellbent on the objective ahead and hold no tolerance for a woman's bittersweet revenge...

"A tense and emotional tale of international crimes and conflicts, structured in great prose and narrative that engages for the full ride...action, drama and danger fill the pages of this exciting adventure packed novel...A must read for lovers of Matthew Riley and Alister MacLean..." Adrian, IndieBooks Reviewer.

About Expectations

Welcome to the selected short stories from one of Australia's newest authors in adventure fiction, written for your indulgence...

This collection will first take you on a bizarre global jaunt from England to Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia during the Great Oil Escapade. Then across the sea, to the Amazon jungles within a tale of exploration and deification.

We share in the experience of four scientists researching in the farthest cold of the planet to leap from Antarctica to Jupiter and back, raising serious questions in their minds.

We chase James Banock, a purloiner of British munitions across Scotland to Norway then along a voyage across the North Sea, where action becomes life threatening as Banock's ship explodes and sinks.

To conclude the excitement and thrills, we find the solitude of memory filled by photographs and tales, which describes the author's car-trip around Australia in 1967 and a youth filled with freedom and the future uncertain.

Written for readers to enjoy, without EXPECTATIONS...

"A collection of adventure tales that spring from story to story without time to catch a breath...a thrill and a laugh...great collection by a talented author...thoroughly enjoyed..." William, IndieBooks reviewer.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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