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A Poppy in the Meadow
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Annie has many facets.  She is a mother to three beautiful children and a rather lively rescue dog, as well as a grandmother to three delightful imps who are growing up way too quickly for her liking!  Her partner, Grant, is her muse, her sounding board, and the reason she is now a published author.  She generally writes contemporary romance drama fiction, though is now beginning to dabble in children’s fiction on the insistence of her grandies!  In her sixtieth year Annie self-published her first book, followed by a second the following year.  These books, the fist two of the Flower Quartet, are now being republished by Shawline Publishing Company who have published her third in the series and will also publish the last book which is ready for The End to be added to the final edit.  Whatever she is doing, Annie believes life is one huge learning curve, even if she struggles with the technology of it all.

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A Poppy in the Meadow

By Annie Chandler-Cummings

RRP: $22.95
ISBN: 9781922751478
Poppy had been burned in her previous relationship with Daniel…

And Poppy was not looking for any new love in her life, until she caught the bouquet at her mother’s wedding and decided to dip her toes back into the luke-warm dating pond to see what possibilities there were in the wide world since she had exiled herself from the male species…

Her path crosses with the new, and quite dashing, detective in town. United via the welfare of a common interest in a student, the attraction to one another grows quickly.

But then Daniel returns, three years after his abrupt departure and expecting Poppy to have missed him so that she would simply throw herself into his arms once more. 

He was wrong. 

Poppy now had a choice for the first time in years, with two men intent on her affections. Which man would she choose? And which one would be willing to take on the boy she was looking to adopt?

Life may change in an instant for Poppy who has to learn that not everything is as it may seem…

“A compelling and moving episode to the overall series for these amazing and passionate women. Beautifully written and thought out, wonderful…” Dianne, Indiebook reviewer

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